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our book 'mother nature's heat/a desert snake'
16 one-line linked haiku

one-line linked haiku one   july 1993-may 1994

mother nature's heat/a desert snake

forced in by mother nature's heat with the motherhood blues
blyth: women can't think doubtful if we can write haiku
minimum-wage job three years experience necessary
gotta learn how not to get along
whew no mail in the box or male
was there really an earth summit in rio
'dozer not dozing but dozing
commercial: full-busted support
i'm glad no one else wants to be me
'as the world sucks' say beavis and butt-head on mtv
art book with no art to it art book with only art to it
time for a nature link a lesbian gull snuggles with another
'we are naked in our misery' 'oh mother we are already dead'
to hang around for some tough dialog i'd make a fine mummy
court: satirists have broad rights without asking permission
traditionalists don't forget the cold and flu season
and now i call my son da-da
hutus tutsis 'gorillas in the mists' too

3m) 'history of haiku,' volume 1, the hokuseido press, 1963 and 1994 reprint
25m) old women, marsh arabs in iran, whose land is being drained by sadam hussein

Lynx 9:3 1994

one-line linked haiku two    december 1995-september 1997

just the facts

'just the facts ma'am' mad/am i am it's all haiku to me
'national treasure' 'that old nigamammy washer woman'
heady power of freedom she defends all porn to a male liberal
'who was loved when she should have been whipped'
in his own words: child-molesting demon
what a relief year of the elderly not 'til 1999
possessed by spring possessed even by summer
thankful i'm 'god-forsaken'
now little-bitty kids molest each other
baby born drunk why in this man's world a woman on binges
fbi 'fits the profile' file unbulges mama's tupperware and son
three-star rating ford and fonda ride rodeo and sex-smirk
everything to write home about but i guess i'd better not
misogynist's #1 worst-dressed woman: transvestite rodman
god-fearing fear-talk spermless dolly's 'mona lisa' smile
every 2 hours in america a kidnapping
'sbc' majority votes agin equality again
'on' mother nature's 'green earth'

3m) ann richards (recently)/texas senator (good old days) of
barbara jordan (1936-1996) pbs 'newshour' transcript 1/17/96
5m) aclu president 'heads up' cnn
8m) coming attractions for bette davis' 1938 'jezebel'
10m) larry don mcquay paroled for good behavior
21m) olympics bomb (mis)suspect richard jewel
23m) 'the rounders'
27m) chicago bulls basketball player
34m) southern baptist convention

Raw Nervz Haiku 5:2 1998

one-line linked haiku three   august 31 1997-november10 2002

fame . . .

'money is the' father's sperm 'of politics'
off in cold rain for steroid injections
power-outage locked in the computer my new life
toughened up again by nature no prayers need to be said
'she & the president have discussed the former intern at length'
ants in my pants for the garden with butterflies and ants
diamond-shaped is viagra forever or the proverbial 2 minutes
hard to understand haiku-types who understand haiku
put off by the output of nonnature-based millennium scares
i like violence says the six-year-old boy
someday old herstory will repeat herself
tax dollars for an old man in space to brag on god
'he died loving what he was doing' philosophy i guess
are they eating crow and cans of y2k corn
long snow-in over no place i really want to go
maybe too old for all the seasons i'll take spring and salt
cool rain my troubles recycled in the warmth of nature
up early just to move sticks from one place to another

4m) tmj therapy 9m) cnn
24m) john glenn  26m) a student's
father after texas a & m 'bon fire' tragedy

one-line linked haiku four    january 2-19 2001

still snowed in

still snowed in the weathercaster's denigration of nature continues
with no trust in calendars a fresh notebook on 'january 2nd 100001 ada'
japanese noodle shop two men in western hats brawl out into the rain

property taxes due chickadees in the old spruce
sound of the salt truck then the scraper the silence
worn down by alzheimer's the significant other
his daddy's cronies a rerun of the country
out early a killer for good behavior a pothead jailed

i'll rush to mt rushmore if reagan's mug's to be chiseled
old people in the mountains they prefer to speak like each other
patches of snow remain breakthrough medicines only on the horizon
strict constructionist literalist interpretation of myths a long 'hisstory'

trashed by the family the artist's bits and pieces that look unartistic
hills that i love full of trees that i love i've barely scratched the surface
an intimate game of dominos with the computer its 'blast!' on losing

thursday's 'australian open' on live tv wednesday
wrapped up in old blankets and odd poems

i leave home with my mist return with the world's

3m) merlin stone's term: after the development of agriculture

one-line linked haiku five    january 21-february 6 2001

yee haw

when it comes to dirt my inner child's never been inner
blatant lies smoothed over in politics by hidden smoothies
i like a real skunk its black & white its honest smell
friends bring a new used wood stove our bits of talk in the chilly air
we listen to 'exotic' music from india not heard by mothers of the hungry
programs reinstalled on the computer after a year my forgotten mind
everyone busy with troubles the serviceberry readies its blossoms
on trial for rape at a post-prom party football-famous testosterone
exploited by the media then dropped for the latest scandal of the decade
nothing accomplished in the house a few poems
a warmer day i wander about with deer prints
i's not dotted and t's not crossed daffodils poke through
tiresome hours away i snuggle back into the hills
it didn't arrive the storm i wasn't prepared for
afternoon in the flower beds as ice melts in the pond
clean sheets four-letter words from redford's mouth in the tv movie
where'd the short day go another disgruntled male in america 'gone postal'
easy for some i struggle to translate our haiku into 'dreamweaver' pages

one-line linked haiku six   february 6-24 2001

late winter

late winter in a mountain hollow where else would i wanna be
'young girl' somehow means any female until she's lost her 'looks'
rough hands from the earth a small butterfly which needs no name
finally in one of the bare trees a nuthatch meets its voice
just to jump in the pickup and be in the valley
eating patterns of hannibal embedded in his body
not a plan in sight the darkness just beginning
by an old apple tree fresh dirt at the mouth of a den
scratch 'imus in the morning' stupid talk in any time zone
off to mexico in a big plane 'our' non-prez of the united states of america
just tips of the tulips my 'bigfoot' toes larger than the deer's 'bigfoot' toes
money to be had in haikuland if you know a path to take someone down
cold wind across the swollen creek dishes in the sink remain in the sink
computer drawings the two-peaked mountain shape always a red
top network execs before a government committee free air time to brag/lie
counterspy in the infamous paranoid building
hard to appreciate past eons the bias of 'manthropology'
more women with depression than men duh

one-line linked haiku seven    february 24-march 17 2001

a canvas for today

wind in the trees as if something's crying
four o'clock shadows drumming of a grouse
a day for dirt and water yet stuck in html
mr kacian et al worldwide tear down those silly haiku/senryu definitions
his feminist views hidden the guys degrade women in the 'swimsuit issue'
home alone again i love the afternoon the night and tomorrow morning
intraslab quake in seattle when will the world be rid of patriarchal views
a whole moon in the morning sky in the valley just half of a half's enough
they'll be disappointed crows that caw to each other as i plant onions
not a fly on the wall to haikuland gossip
almost spring another boy goes insane with a gun
in every language philosophies divide with good words
train whistle in erwin floats across the hills and back
errands list the most important return home quickly
all the clothes washed but the dryer rainy
'slowdown in the economy' it's my fault many broken things unreplaced
a short note from dorothy 'raw nervz haiku' on its way from canada
beaten and stoned by a religious man today a woman under the taliban

one-line linked haiku eight   march 18-april 8 2001


touch-me-nots appear in the cool wet ground no haiku needed
a slow all-day melt the power returns in fits and starts at dusk
guns or parents the blame debate on tv with the bible thrown in
entangled in the change of seasons at home
left in the wetland all winter green garden hose
a watched seed never sprouts
he emphasizes zen in haiku spits out vulgarities
bills overdue my mind overloaded with details
neglected friends & family enough rain for tomorrow
an arrest in france a killer with the 'soldiers in the army of god'
hangout for loaded stars and athletes strip club tied to the mob
unhappy this crone since tuesday week cigaretteless fingers
opening day for baseball lost darryl strawberry still missing
proof of the1905 right-of-way won't satisfy the neighbors one bit
top to bottom left to right the hillside eroded by a sheep farmer
the world watches which male will not apologize
decades of deceit regarding senryu reputations at risk
hidden in winter's rubble first asparagus

one-line linked haiku nine   april 8-28 2001

just the odd flake

an 'old broad' who writes 'shit' & the 'bad girl of haiku'
leopard frog too holds its pose as our eyes meet
en route to china a commercial jet for the american spies
spring's fancy the man's old poetry and pornography on 'yahoo!'
my creative rhythm off ancient cry from a pileated woodpecker
as useless as possible like a cricket somewhere in another room
awake to dogwood winter and more girls & boys sold into slavery
pious men with covered asses to save their faces for each other
confederate flags throughout america an anniversary of oklahoma
quebec city tear gas part of the atmosphere
if only tomorrow were earth day
know where i came from where i'm going
plane wreckage the orange box still called black
beyond the fatigue are the green onions ready to pull
millipede in the compost whatta lifestyle
case of the 'black widow millionaire' to the jury i hope she goes free
gifts for her hillside we dig irises and primroses and daylilies
just to be around the sudden wiggle of a tadpole & know my place

2m remarks made in a haiku egroup (april 2001);
7m again haiku makes a difference: the porn policy rescinded

one-line linked haiku ten   may 2-16 2001
tips of the milkweed

one-line linked haiku eleven   may 16-31 2001
leaves on the birch

one-line linked haiku twelve    june 2-20 2001
before guests

one-line linked haiku thirteen   june 2-20 2001
out rambling

one-line linked haiku fourteen    july july 7-18 2001
above the morning dew

one-line linked haiku fifteen   july 19-august 3 2001
another cloudy day

one-line linked haiku sixteen  august 3-23 2001
a gardener's blues

a gardener's blues along with the pinks whites and yellows
anything to hang a hat on the male version of yin/yang august heat
evening news the president still wrinkled over stem cells and such
flora & fauna the many military & religious names i'd change
was she taken for a ride the 100-day missing chandra
so many rules of grammar a bath of humidity
thoughts wander to a watermelon in the fridge
insecurity in the middle east plenty of rocks & bombs
sounds like mine a neighbor's talk of deer
after the flash flood trash and fence wires caught in a creek of rocks
the last daylily bloom melts on the line clothes pins begin to dry
a roof that leaks floors that sag walls that let in nature these 30 years
white man's liquor and religion and 'beefalo' the revenge of tobacco
noncreative streak at least some of the flower patches partly weeded
someone's come up with art & someone's come up with suppression
where to turn what to do next with no goals
katy and the dids scrape a bit of pain from my legs
wild iris trapped in the park the heat to snitch a clump

Lynx 17:2 2002

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