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one-line linked haiku 33  april 2-23 2002

a bright, sunny day

awake to the wren already fully awake
oh my aching back yet such fun
new mission to the mideast well whatever
hate talk exudes from the heads of the holy land 'do unto others'
simply put him in jail cardinal law accessory after/before the facts
deer prints in the expanded patch a new daylily in each of them
what goes down must come up finally dawn and it's about time
uninviteds on the land leave with a good dose of neolithic herstory
clouds burst on the marshes on the beginnings of cinnamon ferns
shoes without socks and feet without shoes
yet another invasion of privacy drive-by hackers
no middle ground where middle ground was
over 80 in the shade the weather that is
the back and forth trail through the valley i tend
rescue siren hangs back in the mist
dogwood blossoms float above the pond below the pond
it's yesterday again with many of the same thoughts that pull
a bit of moisture and morning glory petals find a pair of eyes

one-line linked haiku 34  april 24-may 8 2002

men gather

men gather to solve male problems a step forward 2 backwards
somewhere in the past a bag of twining seeds not too late to plant
hidden in the woods everything about the turkey but its gobble
his young voice hits a single steals 2nd 3rd home bases
stonehenge just to know it exists in my mind
out of the grey the white bounce of hail
retaliation a way of life and death
'may day' a wren already at work in celebration
a chance encounter the first purple iris
home at dusk with the moths a tornado watch for the counties
trapped by explosions in & around a famous bethlehem tourist trap
used books categorized by author no longer used along with their lies
false alarm the energy i woke with not enough to dry the mood
overnight shoots of bamboo in places i couldn't have guessed
barrels of black gold to slurp america's truly 'most favored nations'
war against the mountains momentarily won
a lily yellow at that grows up and bares all it can
evildoers' bible so often the bible

one-line linked haiku 35  may 8-27 2002

small patches of snow

groundswell against american terrorist tactics
just one little iris begins the outpouring of purple
typed the poem unlike the one in my head
out of the sound of water a frog's croak as the odor of rain appears
the whole neighborhood aware of one neighbor's cow in heat
the religious hardliners won't let those people go beyond
a touch of 'blackberry winter' sneaks into a rare afternoon snooze
fresh out of ideas writing hung up on the way things aren't
in transition plants from her garden to the cool of the woodshed
a rough road into the land time's not forgotten
others too asking what & when did dubya know about 9/11
for fun i type my name in the 'google' search box
true life a woman lifeless in the undergrowth
at the frostbitten blooms newly-arrived fritillaries
edges of the pond a snapping turtle and i
no heaven and the world not right earthworms in a pile of debris
a freight train whistles within the sweating hills and dissolves
home from the garden plot like a weed pulled and discarded

one-line linked haiku 36  may 28-june12 2002

a second wind

a second wind the old climbing rose finds a few buds to bloom
the heat creeps into the conversation into haiku at night
roots deeper into the earth in search of a long-ago rain
with all legs now last year's tadpoles
a bit on edge late frosts and terror warnings
wrapped up in itself the sweet pea vine
14m all the curtains left closed on the humidity
i overstayed and a wood thrush passed through
perfectly clear lots of money to have our privacy invaded
predatory values in 'democratic' lingo peepers take over at dusk
after the storm the bamboo settle into slightly different grooves
an early start before the hills release the hanging mists
food for thought rocks gathered to hold onto the cucumber dirt
energy left in bed until the dark pink of a stolen yarrow
when little josh leaves a million glasses and spoons to wash
world 'sex trade' hardened new growth of the pines
guest room overtaken by unreadable paintings
the stagnant day thickens the pond

one-line linked haiku 37  june 14-july 1 2002

on the patio swing

another taken from her home by dead of night
alone with birds and bees and what they love
a life too straight on the crooked path to the valley
so far all the transplanted daylilies orange but what oranges
remember the cold how thick it was in our thoughts and poems
will they come clean everything we don't want to know yet should
not quite up to sub-par the pull to be around a tiny morning glory
the longest day begins the same as the next-to-the-longest day
how and when will it go down in history 'the great wall of israel'
within the dry breeze wilted yellows
if a wood thrush and no one heard it
lack of concentration striped grass of wimbledon
someone elsewhere works haiku into rules
all suspicious people and activities to be reported
talk's expensive a dime not worth stopping on
worries lessen as thunder brings a downpour hidden in the dark
on the side of 'the most hated man in america' not 'under god'
slow recovery on a morning finally cool a deer dead in the water

2m 2000 children reported missing every day in america
33m suit brought to challenge the 'pledge of allegiance'

one-line linked haiku 38  july 2-august 1 2002

gardening clothes

gardening clothes on the line we hang on the cloud's intent
throughout the world americans in danger being americans
only part of the porch swept a phoebe snaps the air clean
a good drenching the pebble path reborn
bones of a turtle within its bleached shell
a little more human today soiled hands
like art the big pines within their fog
what i intended to say somewhere in what i said
alone i hope if the first tomatoes ever ripen
a praying mantis holds to the pampas grass a widening wind
on the computer samples of beethoven and bach and 'wassup'
more of the same summer blackberries begin to tinge red
shade of the poplars a vampire movie begins just before noon
change of scenery for the toppled irises a fine drizzle to boot
terror talk toward iraq revs up and surveillance of our lives
reporters drain the last ounce for ratings
new potatoes from the compost into soup
cooler by the moss but it too needs attention

one-line linked haiku 39  august 2-23 2002

great drought over

heavy dew our talk returns to runner beans
was she strangled a tiny bone fought for
on the line clothes only fit for nature
the heat every once in awhile something about it from the cicadas
goodbye to the susans & annes & renamed jacks-in-the-pulpits
'adult movies' full of horses and goats along with 'everything nice'
we sit at the pond with beer recall we sat at the pond with beer
screech owl again this morning so far nothing screechy about it
left in the dust the irises and i root out small places of our own
decisions decisions so much longer than yesterday
parents murdered daughter missing the dripping leaves
a few things righted with the ironweed in bloom
fame and fortune but what won't go with it
reed to reed a blue dragonfly finds sway
with potted plants condos replace the crawdad holes
a pileated woodpecker fills the air with its wings then with its beak
dishes ready to be washed and put away today's progress report
bits & pieces to the compost more rhyme & reason than a poem

one-line linked haiku 40  august 2-23 2002

earth to earth

earth to earth with a sky within a puddle between
'as the crow flies' not a lot to say until it begins to perch
i'll miss summer once it's finally run its peculiar course
a speech full of tricky stuff toward war stuff
more than meets the eye striped caterpillar
just short of a long day rain changes its mind
a few rooms cleaned to where others would begin
laid-back until moths begin their flutter
a good idea straight from the ground
hey kid let's see your strong muscles sweet heart smart brains
to start life over with everything done right well 35% might do
'living in sin' & cardboard boxes a country of illegal white collars
bracketed words a wren's song overrides its description
'sleeper cells' i dream of never-arrived monarchs overwintering
a long stretch of nature filled with sand traps and herbicides
goldenrods pull out of mist and bring new asters
rerun of a kurosawa film cicadas louder than mine
at work tomatoes on the red window sill

one-line linked haiku 41  september 12-25 2002

september morning

dogwoods with a changed tone of voice
huddled in dust cukes wait on rain from 'hanna'
on the way back ox-eye daisy not seen on the way
in just which palace would they find saddam or one of his doubles
since they won't fix the big world i'll stay in my rundown little world
a lot to take in all the sounds that hover between dusk and dawn
death verdict for the child-killer less years to fantasize his deeds
after the pot bust feet of the undercover agents held to the fire
i finally remembered to take along a notebook but wrote nothing
war in his eyes as touch-me-not pods empty out
sun-cracked earth follows my every move
drip-dry clouds a mourning cloak makes the purple rounds
tomatoes as if the dirt had no other purpose
with large wings something flaps deeper into the woods
after america owns iraq then it could own iran
black gold in 'them thar hills' but more energy out of the blue
hit and miss haiku as the internet provider tries to authenticate
aches and pains snippets of conversations in the grocery store
4m tropical storm 'hanna'
24m mourning cloak butterfly

one-line linked haiku 42  september 26-october 10 2002

a light rain

a light rain with a heavy rain to follow as poverty increases
the blues talk of urban warfare heats up the evening cool
about to leave a monarch lands within the patch of asters
dominoes on the mac i hold my own
another coffee and ready to do nothing
over the old bridge after a few hours of concrete
the past misunderstood a favorite pastime of 'scholars'
gathered around the overturned semi other semis
one of them married well one didn't
a tick's free ride into the house perhaps just to tick me off
hunting season beyond the hollow finally no more cucumbers
piece by piece moisture begins in the night for things of the night
fall virus on the loose 'bugbear' a kigo of sorts in one circle
sniper shootings in the american east a journey into thin space
leaves raked into baskets for who knows what will come of them
only somewhere between dirt poor and dirt rich
the row left for death but 'back june 6' aileen wuornos
from a distance the fog closes in
25m kigo: season word
34m executed in florida october 8 2002

one-line linked haiku 43  october 11-26 2002

at our house

right on schedule a war to practice for the next
too cool for the garden i wash last night's salad bowl
a grasshopper's sudden flight perhaps not to itself
darkness floats from the porch onto the land comes back darker
in a folder the poems older than the writer and subject of desire
a steady rain another woman killed by a man for the detectives
a 3rd blanket unpacked and spread out a carolina wren's quick note
'atlantis' returns to earth an autumn glow on the toadstools
a holier-than-thou pope protects the holier-than-thou pedophiles
'nature whispers to me 'welcome home' i am so happy'
fog chooses a few reds to wrap around
his find of a gentian almost missed forever
trial run of the wood stove and thoughts that go with it
croned in a cabin since roamed by snake skins
elvis sweatshirt the way we were young
a friend from '62 calls a romance we didn't know how to have
a warm spell iris leaves pull a few more inches from the ground
strong voices for the 'underpeople' a fallen plane in minnesota

20m japanese woman recently released from north korea
35m senator wellstone, family members, staff, crew

one-line linked haiku 44  october 26-november 14 2002

autumn leaves

autumn leaves drift back to their trees the pond just before dusk
on their own and maybe out of sorts matted daylilies unmoved
one could dress up as a spook the undercover kind in suit and tie
a long way from nature and back if ever
on the outside edge of art with room to breathe
the squabble who gets to kill the 17-year-old
reluctantly both doors close on october
election eve i get to hang up on george w
as unsettled as the weather the rain
pepper plants dug in haste in rhythm with the wash-&-spin cycles
creative slump a white screen allows a few dark words to form
the best moments like a spring sometimes midsummer chicken
pine needles swept from the roof creosote from the pipe
a view of the world through a tiny unsheltered piece of the earth
not a gleam in their eyes that dang 'bin' so they're off to off saddam
tornados followed by what's-left looting
the loyal servant dusts the royal past
cold and creepy across the grass the frost

one-line linked haiku 45  november 15-december 2 2002

morning fog

as the world ends the mighty cockroaches
a bit of blues falls with the first snow
a fortune on 'star wars' the next on people-spying
without a famous season word the haiku on good vs evil fails
a grouse which lives by the branch clips & clips the cold grasses
a romantic notion swells as the truck climbs the valley road
on the stand a rabbinic sermon an unsorry convicted husband
a sunny-side-up day that began with the sunny side down
freedom of art if self-censored before the censors of freedom
you're write from your side i'm write from mine
chilly canadian air inches this way on the map
high noon at the palace inspections of specks
the tables turned and beneath more tables
turkey talk stolen land unspoken
waiting room for a shot in the arm
oak limb after limb into month after month toward my primetime
from the frying pan into the fire from the fire into a sandwich'll do
into wee hours for nothing a weekend of 'hbo' & 'max' for nothing

13m rabbi fred neulander
20m after bob dylan

one-line linked haiku 46   december 4-28 2002

battery trouble

battery trouble without enough downhill for an uphill day
ungrown-up big boys with a destruction-for-peace philosophy
sun streams through the pampas grass just a shadow of itself
to better myself calcium with d too much too soon
clothes on the line unmoved by the stiff breeze
just the latest myth to buy smart land mines
one red and black cardinal down in boston
rain on rain written words run together
still miles from here dusk
'oh to be' thrown in a patch of green weeds and pale shoots
watch out for 'material breach' maybe or not the 'trigger for war'
most of our 18 billion years have been good while they've lasted
odor of earth in the kitchen compost with worms in the kitchen
new rules to pack suitcases for the plane or a strip search will do
to know today longer than yesterday perfect time for a heady haiku
evilized the ancient shevinities my pretties the dragons
snowed in to melted out unbudged
if there's a clone dubbed eve will she too be blamed

one-line linked haiku 47   january 2-21 2003

just a few sparrows

'dozers & a backhoe chew toward a site with a view
his mind made up finish daddy's war
rampant speculation the money core of 'breaking news'
'snug as a bug in a rug' a spider unsnuggles itself across the carpet
a bit of morning sun on the cactus which prefers not to bloom
will the pregnant wife be found as a mother or as a statistic
about gone as far as i wanna go tho i might start over at 23 or so
a protest wall haiku with sharp edges in a rough court
mid-january a sigh of relief in the sound of it once a winter
a total stranger at the film's beginning
'down in the dumps' a dumped body
back over the not-so-one-can-tell blacktop the plow
'australian open' the sweet sweat of their brows
march on washington a call for impeachment
tiny thoughts of green lost in the big white
a slow siren floats through a crisp sky till it hits the mountain pines
a special interest group divides into further separation from earth
a breath of fresh air the waning moon trickles out of the past

28m former attorney general ramsey clark

one-line linked haiku 48   january 22-february 7 2003

full of itself

full of itself while it lasted the big thaw the weather that isf
alarming the plans for disarming women & children with arms
'sick and tired' of macho lip even commentators on tennis
huddled in the color of primrose premature feelings
the reservoir bone-dry the plot thickens
free elections in god's land after the crackdown
haiku on this and even that a faraway moon
broken wheelbarrow against the brick wall
unsnowed in and back with cans of snowed in food
a new countdown to life as we don't know it or want to know it
bits and pieces of blue warmth fall through the cracks
after a word or two a long silence then static on february one
daffodil and iris tips already are they certain my spirit's ready
alone with wind and mud and whatever that means if anything
tech info from secretary powell his proof to destroy downtown
where i want to be with little to stay on
'high' terror alert watch out for men in power
winter pampas grass written down for a write-up

24m space shuttle 'columbia'

broken a new bits daffodil alone & where

one-line linked haiku 49   february 13-march 1 2003

the sparkling snow

stuck in some of my ways yet able to slide out of the drive
'independent' film to ignore the morning news
a farewell to dolly counted and discarded
mid-february tossed into the mix of zero visibility a few hemlocks
main avenues of the world the showdown with dubya heats up
a poem written in haste the rest of the day to prove me right
this time around protected by the old hills as they begin to thaw
'the bad curve' a mustang flies into the bottom land 2 boys emerge
into the anxiety of still-more-to-come winter pre-spring anxiety
a chopper circles the club of former beings
wind rattles an old mind beneath an old tin roof
neither his small talk nor his big talk of use to earth
rain or something like it settles in for good
at a distant store roots that belong elsewhere
on edge the clutter of living
unable to be a human shield so that's that oh well whatever
wrinkled daylilies appear in red ink within a wrinkled notebook
march first the sound of it the look of it the very feel of it

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