marlene mountain
painting series 2 'moon peaces : earth peaces'
[39 paintings, 18" x 24", 1 painting, 48" x 36"]
august-december 1979
Painting Series 2 'moon peaces : earth peaces'


Will The Real Gallery Please Stand Up! invites you to view recent paintings by Marlene M. Wills. Reception: June 6, 8 PM, Howard Street Warehouse, Boone North Carolina June 6-12, 1980. Thanks also: The Real Gallery, Lowell, Steve, and Jeff; and Wanda.


The 808 Gallery presents recent paintings by Marlene Wills. July 12-August 8, 1980. 808 South Roan, Johnson City TN. Reception July 8 PM, celebrating the selection of her work as part of Copenhagen's International Festival of the Arts, July 1980. [selected slides presented by Gloria Orenstein at International Decade For Women Copenhagen 1980] Thanks also to Wanda Harris who in spite of financial difficulties has invested her time and energy, and made available gallery space to create and stimulate an atmosphere for art.








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