marlene mountain
painting series 2 'moon peaces : earth peaces'
[39 paintings, 18" x 24", 1 painting, 48" x 36"]
august-december 1979

moon peaces : earth peaces

These paintings though I did not realize until the last few document a healing.

The first ones suggest the off and on acceptance of an ancient spiritual relationship interspersed with the off and on acceptance of a new physical relationship. Throughout this period of double duality I questioned the reliance on and the independence of both the spiritual and physical.

As the search for oneness - wholeness - continued, the theme of the paintings gradually shifted from that of moon:goddess strength to that of earth:womanness strength; I began painting myself in the earth, and in particular within the mountain. Resolution, rather than denial or reliance, of spiritual and physical relationships became more apparent.

Though some duality still existed at the time of Song of the Mountain, oneness was nearer and concentrated pursuit of it less necessary. A path is a path and in the mountains up is not intended nor is down.

Marlene M. Wills [Mountain]
January 1980

SPECIAL THANKS: my son Jason, the Moon Goddess, and Bill


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